Reviews for "The clock tower"


I'm never gonna trust my pocket watch again...

ReporterClock responds:

LOL, how come?

As I watched this....

even my roomies said you did a really nice job on all the scenery. :-)You gave this entry a 5, raising its score from 3.4886 to 3.4954! Well done, and thats not just because I got a cameo;-)

ReporterClock responds:

Heheh, thanks! ^-^


i havent seen anything from you in a long time.
good work, 2 thumbs up


that surprising me actually made me laugh while sitting in my room by myself. that means you did a great job making this funny enough for probably anyone to enjoy it. keep it up

ReporterClock responds:

Wow! Thanks! ^^


Hey! Not bad... For a clock movie. The most clock movies are often really boring and all that shit, but this one actually had some good humor. Good job!