Reviews for "The clock tower"

fun, lighthearted movie

It's good to see a decent clock movie once in a while. That really was fairly funny, I enjoyed it. The trouble with clocks is that a lot of very poor animators have jumped on the clock bandwagon and tried to use it to get half-assed flashes through the portal. Good to see that there's still some real work being done with them. I think you have a real future, keep it up!


awesome, simply mazing, fifened.

from peyotse.cx


One of the best clock movies I've ever seen, seriously. It had so many great jokes and scenes, and they were all done right. You should stop by the CC irc chat one of these days reporter, we'd probably have a good conversation or two!

It's nice to have a funny clock movie!

Wow, a good clock movie! We haven't had one of those since "CC - Operation STAR" (over a month ago)!!! Everything - graphics, style, sound, and humor - was excellent! The humor was top-notch, and I loved all of it (especially the story of the skyscraper)! Nice job, ReporterClock! It's nice to know that there are a few great animators (including MineralWaterClock and JonBro) still in the CC! Overall: 10/10


Oh man, wait...
ok. I'm done laughing.

My favorite line is, 'No, I have this really good eye doctor- YES I CAN SEE THAT FAR!'
Nice work, RepoterClock.
Givin' ya a 5 for a good movie!
But next time, make sure you know who you throw up on. really nasty.