Reviews for "The clock tower"

lol the spanish inqusition is coming to get you

its those god dam cheerleader, there everywhere, the talk to me in my sleep, in my dreams!!!!! but i'm not crazy, am I no!!!!!!!!

whats was i doing again?
oh yeah review

lol this rocks........yup.............ace

ReporterClock responds:

This review has been sexy, it's been cute, it's popular to boot!


That was a great movie, thanks for the cameo!

nothing too new

but its pretty cool none-the-less. liked the way that this one actually had a plot and effort put into it. I don't really care for the clock cartoons, just hate the way they talk, but you did a really good job of it. straight seven!

ReporterClock responds:

thanks, though there is something new in this, the clock tower concept.

So cute

I can't put my finger on it, but something in the way everyone moves in this catroon is just so cute!

....CUTE! ^_^

ReporterClock responds:

maybe because it's 30fps?

hehehe... the punchline is great on this one...

hahahahah. Puking voice in a speech synthesizer. This clock
craze is pretty funny, and a really strange phenomena.

I like it. I'm strangely thankful to have experienced it.

ReporterClock responds:

Gosh, thankful? thanks!