Reviews for "The clock tower"


The timing for all the jokes was flawless, and everything was perfect! This is 2nd in my favorites.

ReporterClock responds:

Gee, Thanks! =D

You Idiot!

That my Brother! Muahahaha! That was unexpectly hilarious and plus, walking around in the herential all day? Ewwww and weird and silly! The humors here are fabulously random (which I love) and pacing is perfect! However, the Voices of all character just plain suck, they do sound like robots without any emotional gesture. But still humor just keep getting me laugh.

You made a lizard's day a good one! 4/5!

-Avek Vaer the Fire Lizard

ReporterClock responds:

Do I want to know what herential means?

And the voices are a tradition. couldn't change them.

Excellent work.

Gotta love Reporterclock.

I love the art work. The animation is pretty smooth.

SecretaryClock is ugly though, how could he wanna hook up with her?

I just wished I could have seen real puke when reporterclock puked.

Other than that, I'm not bitching.

Great work and please keep making more.

ReporterClock responds:

Se's a secretary, that's what emplyers do.

Get it? Do?

OMG umm this is like real funny and great

nice plot i think some one like you might be the best one ever i mean you didnt make some wird ass one that has 2 many f ords in it and u made it a funny story nice i havent seen this kinda nie work 4 a long time now every 1 making dumm ass one's about clocks or about omg i cant think brain fart lock's there we go so great made me smile


<3 Fifen!

That was hilarious XD

The humour was perfect, the animation was smooth---and I think I'm going to die laughign XD

ReporterClock responds:

heheh, glad you liked it so much! ^^