Reviews for "The clock tower"

it was preety good

i liked it.

ReporterClock responds:


Ha ha

I like it, pretty good idea, I never really thought of there to be clock towers like that. Nice.

OMFG This is Funny!

Walking in and out of your what! that was good. And was the thats my little brother one!
Ps. Your secratary doesn't like you

ReporterClock responds:

lol, y'think?


that was so funny. that skyscraper being so sarcastic and all and seeing forkclock far away. boy,i sure wish i was a clock. then i could talk to skyscraperclock all day! oh well,not all wishes come true. :'(

nice and funny work by the way reporterclock! :)

ReporterClock responds:

thank you =)

Omfg lol

lolololollolololol =D=D=D=D=, what more can i say?
LOLLOLLOLOLOLOLOL that was freaking funny dude

ReporterClock responds:

Glad you liked it =)