Reviews for "The clock tower"

another reason...

... why not all clocks should be burnt, nice flash you got there, keep it up

ReporterClock responds:

Thank you.

good animation

the sound and animation were much better than what we generally get from the clucks. as for the "story"... (bleurgh)

ReporterClock responds:

clocks. the clucks would bes something else o_O


I usually HATE, totally HATE clock stuff, but I really liked this! Good job!

ReporterClock responds:

Heheh, thanks =) Glad you liked it despite it being clock

not bad

Regardless if its a clock flash or not, its well put together and actualy has a plot to it.

ReporterClock responds:

Thank you! ^^

learn to drawn humans

die clocks death to the clocks DEATH TO THE CLOCKS

ReporterClock responds:

Now if oyu'd be les of an asshole you'd see that I can draw humans and did in other animatoins of mine. People don't necessarily make clock animations because they can't animate.