Reviews for "The clock tower"

About your note:

'NOTE: If you hate clocks, just don't watch this. This movie actually has a plot and effort put into it.'

That's the problem people have with the clock flashes, most don't have any plot or much effort put into them, and yet they make it thru anyway.

As for your flash, it ROCKED! That was so funny!! This was one of the best clock flashes I've ever seen, and was actually among the funniest around here period. It was great. Clocks or not, if you want to make more like this, go for it! :)

ReporterClock responds:

Thanks! ^^ and as a matter of fact I already did.

That was pretty funny

I don't normally like clocks, but I thought I'd give it a chance. The end was so funny! "Bleurggh. Blecks." It sounded so funny!

ReporterClock responds:

HEheh, glad you liked it

Totally awesome!

Great movie there buddy, made me laugh quite hard.

ReporterClock responds:

Gosh, thanks! :D

excellent humor

the graphics were great and the sound were cool. The movie were very fun. well, congratulations for the the great work. by the animation a think you can more and better jobs

ReporterClock responds:

Thanks.. I think


oh boy i hope that clock does not look into my windows at night

ReporterClock responds:

He looks into evvverybodys.

I thought about making an angry mob mad about him being able to see into everybodys houses, but I gave up on that