Reviews for "Barnyard Jamboree"

Whoever does the voices...Rock on!!

Whoever Aufty has found to do the voices in his flash animations, I just love him. He is so funny, and I cannot fathom how he can change his voice so dramatically for each character. He is so good. Heck, I would pay him to do voices for me all day long! The animation was hardly desirable. But I loved the voice acting.

It was good.

This was cool. It made me smile, especially the cow.

One thing, just spend a bit more time. :) It'll improve. Good job. You made good effort.

Aufty responds:

Yes yes, I know. I've spent Saturday after Saturday on this, and I just stayed up til 2:30 am on a school night to get this DONE. More time would be hard to find.


I didnt think this was very funny actully it was dumb but the graphics where good and it ran smoothly oh and you guys look like rod and todd.

Aufty responds:

Not sure who rod and todd are but yeah... It was supposed to be dumb, but we were aiming for a funny dumb...

Good concept

Funny characters, I liked the different voices.

Hey...Did I see a Clock character in there for a second?

I am sure I did.

Aufty responds:

Nope, there was no clock character, although father time was carrying quite a few clocks/watches...

Needs some major work.

The biggest problem with this flash was the sound quality. Remember a subtitles button never hurts. The style was good and the artwork was beautiful but I couldn't make out what they were saying half the time. Maybe slow it down a bit and add that subtitles button. Plus I'd look into smoother coloring for the fire and such. Overall I'll give it a 6. The artwork makes it slightly above average.

Aufty responds:

Yeah, I agree the sound isn't exactly up to par on this one. I WOULD add a subtitles button, if I knew how. I'm sure its simple scripting. I'll work on the fire too. I'm probably going to tweak this movie a bit over time.