Reviews for "Barnyard Jamboree"

Ha, awesome...

That has the potential to be great. A couple of suggestions for you:

1. The cow is speaking way too fast to be understood. Slow down when you speak his lines, so they'll come out slower when you speed up the playback to get the chipmunk voice.

2. The animation is a little choppy in places. Your art looks good, but the animation's kind of thrown together in spots. I think you could've done better with that.

3. I'm not sure if there's supposed to be a point. Did I miss something? :)

4. Perhaps some music at the beginning, in the background while they're outside the barn, might make it smoother. It seemed awkward that we entered the scene with no noise at all outside a noisy jamboree...

I think that's it. I like this animation, and I voted to protect... but I'd still like to see some improvements.

Aufty responds:

1.Yeah the cow speaking is pretty fast... if I make a series out of this I'll be sure to work a bit harder on making the cow understandable.


mmmm not bad but not good, the drawings were pretty good, some parts were sort of funny, the sound was good. I think you tried to hard to be funny, you either have good humour or you don't.....and you don't I'm afraid. But keep at it.

Aufty responds:

Thanks, we'll think a bit harder next time?


I didnt think this was very funny actully it was dumb but the graphics where good and it ran smoothly oh and you guys look like rod and todd.

Aufty responds:

Not sure who rod and todd are but yeah... It was supposed to be dumb, but we were aiming for a funny dumb...

It was good.

This was cool. It made me smile, especially the cow.

One thing, just spend a bit more time. :) It'll improve. Good job. You made good effort.

Aufty responds:

Yes yes, I know. I've spent Saturday after Saturday on this, and I just stayed up til 2:30 am on a school night to get this DONE. More time would be hard to find.

Needs some major work.

The biggest problem with this flash was the sound quality. Remember a subtitles button never hurts. The style was good and the artwork was beautiful but I couldn't make out what they were saying half the time. Maybe slow it down a bit and add that subtitles button. Plus I'd look into smoother coloring for the fire and such. Overall I'll give it a 6. The artwork makes it slightly above average.

Aufty responds:

Yeah, I agree the sound isn't exactly up to par on this one. I WOULD add a subtitles button, if I knew how. I'm sure its simple scripting. I'll work on the fire too. I'm probably going to tweak this movie a bit over time.