Reviews for "The Boy and his Dragon"


That scared the shit out of me! =P ... haha!! it was really funny... ^^

howed this get turd?

Dammit man...i must say, thats the only flash that i had some full-on interactivity (ie. jumping the FUCK back) and for that, i must give you some serious kudos...but....for my soiled pants....you gotta buy me some new ones.....

Kinda crap....

The animation is pretty good, and if it was fixed up a bit and continued, it would be a decent flash. But the bit at the end is what makes it dumb in a hilarious way. Good job.


totally didnt see that coming


what an insperation man that was great i loved the the part when his brother get a bow through his head but than he takes out his plasma rocket launcher and says "yipeeKiYay Mother Fucker" that was great do more and the art style was awesome but maybe add louder music i could hardly hear it? Wow those 6 minutes just flew by.