Reviews for "The Boy and his Dragon"

Didn't watch the whole thing just read the reviews

I'm giving it a 5 out of spite. To all reading this review; Epilepsy alert. Seriously.


pretty funny,ugly, but it made me laugh

Poor - 3 of 10 But...

I have to admit I found this humourous, almost convinced me that it'll be something normal but with the dragon part, LOL! If you try to make something like this next time, try to improve the animation quality and believe me you'll sucker in a few more people for the dragon part definitely. There's not much else to say on this although.

This deserved Turd of the week because as poor as it might of being, I saw the humour in it. Watch at your own risk though.

Man i hate those lame scare u outta nowhere flash

Danm outta all the comments i heard, thank god I found out what was coming, a huge overdose of lame deafening noises and a retarded dragon screamin in god knows what languege with the words f*ck you. heh sad to say but same goes straigth to you for letting out one of these danmmed scare me 5 seconds after not expecting it flashes.

Anyone could have seen that coming.

Didn't fool me,the animation was actually pretty good but the flash was a real failure at trying to scare someone like that but a worthy TOTW none the less.

cr0m responds:

congrats on your turd as well sir.