Reviews for "The Boy and his Dragon"


A great title for such a lame video. -_-

i agree...

i agree with okamizaku, there were some who believed in you, whom expected
you to be an artist with style........i guees i was wrong, just like some others...


Well it's a good idea, but it's really a bit too short, and the animation is a bit slow. The graphics all look great and this could really turn into something but it needs a bit more detail, scenery, speech and more detail, specially on the dragon. Keep going!


You know...

...Cr0m, telling by the first part of the flash, I know you can animate fairly well, and you can get people to actually like you for your flash animation skills. Instead, you waste your talent on a screamer flash with some "F*** YOU!" and Piclownjew crap thrown into it. I saw that coming from you, so it didn't scare me at all...I just had to look at the artist to figure out that it wasn't going to be what it was meant to be. It looked like a good flash, too. I'll give you a "1" for the animation, and I'll vote 0. You should have seen this coming as well.

what the hell was that?

Personally, I'm not into these kind of things, but the point of it was to scare people, right? i'll admit it made me jump. and next time, frame it properly