Reviews for "The Boy and his Dragon"

Not bad

Fix it BEFORE you post it, dude. Otherwise, quite effective. Sure, it's been done before, but these days you can usually see this sort of thing coming from a mile away. Not this time.


such potential wasted

aww well,
you did the whole surprise thing fairly well and i can see what you were trying to acheive, good work i guess

cr0m responds:

you do realize im gonna be making a collab about you right.


There once was a lonely boy... he was very, very lonely... then a random dragon attacked him. The end. I win.

C'mon Now

That was a pretty good ambush there, drew the listener in fairly well. You need to cleanup the text, (not long enough in duration and the fade out was jerky.) I'd lay off the pranks for a while and focus on making really good cartoons, no-one wants a one-trick pony.