Reviews for "The Boy and his Dragon"

Who didnt see that coming?

That Piclownjew noise is over used, It didnt scare me neither because I seen that coming. Im used to it. Piclownjew got me Immune lmao. ;)

it could have been better.

if you hadn't done that thing at the end, and made an actual story, it could have been good, and mabey you would get an award other than turd of the week. you obviously have good flash talent, but you aren't makeing flash that's actualy any good.you should try harder.


riiite it started out ok but then..... what the hell was the dragon thing.... well whatever floted u boat


This was a nice switch from the usual TOTW. This one actually DESERVES to get the spot. It had good graphics, but the text telling the story flashed away too fast. Style...nice until the dragon part. Not really funny, and the only reason I gave out violence points were ebcause the dragons scared me. Still, this is a nice TOTW, altough it is still very bad.


That scared the shit out of me! =P ... haha!! it was really funny... ^^