Reviews for "The Boy and his Dragon"

Come on people, have a sense of humor.

I have no idea how this is the turd of the week.

It was funny as shit!

Very nice

Very very nice


Fuck you :)! I was wearing fucking headphones for christ's sake with the volume on high!!! LOL! apart from the fact i nearly died, I got a good laugh out of this! Screamers are old but this is better than 80% of the screamers I've seen.

Ben_Forrest Spoiled the end, THANKS

If it wasnt for Ben_Forrest this may have been better.... ARGH DAMN HIM!.
The graphics werent very nice looking, and there was nearly 0 animation, however the idea, as much as it has been used up a lot of times already, was nicely done.

No one

no 1 scare the shit of me. but that make me afraid to look on other newgrounds movies xD