Reviews for "The Boy and his Dragon"

holy shit

my speakers were on hi and with hedphones i fukin jumped 4 feet

Stupid but funny

The drawings aren't bad even though they are obviously rushed. I thought the dragon saying, "F*ck You!" at the end was kinda funny. Something about an obscene dragon just makes me laugh.

Oh Brother, Enough with the Piclownjew Jokes!

This was just sent in to tick people off, wasn't it? Piclownjew was never really funny foo!

Fucking Awesome

It scared the *bleep*ing shit out of me, which is exactly why I love it. Plus some dragon shouting "FUCK YOU!" was just too much. This is definitely one of the better Turd of the Weeks.


It had some promise..

Hey look dude, why didn't you make it good, the graphics were pretty good, I thought it had some real promise, but I was screwed again.