Reviews for "The Boy and his Dragon"

howed this get turd?

Dammit man...i must say, thats the only flash that i had some full-on interactivity (ie. jumping the FUCK back) and for that, i must give you some serious kudos...but....for my soiled pants....you gotta buy me some new ones.....

holy fuckin shit

that was so funny, its like when other people try to the same thing, like they try to scare you, but yours actually looks like a story, the all of a sudden... FUCK YOU. lol thats funny

holy shit

i allmost jumped out of my paints cuz i had the volume all the way up and that happend


I think i had a heart attacks gods sake lol i loved this and an explicit dragon maybe its catching on start a new trend anyway carry on makin more crap cos it isnt that bad lol

lol funny

not expecting that at all lol make more! oh and btw i dont care if this got turd of the week it was funny.