Reviews for "The Boy and his Dragon"


K, hier ist meinen Spiel: Ouch. That hurt my ears. And your status as a human being. The only thing good about it was that it made me jump. Turd of the week. I can't ever imagine why.


mannn thats so fu***g funnyyy!!!!!! LOLLLLLLL cool I like it a lot


Yes, i realize you made it in 8 minutes, but instead of wasting your time making something that is so crappy and ridicoulous, maybe make something people might like? Your probable motive, the scare thing, was well executed but, none the less. This sucks.

(Also: I could almost swear that when the dragon pops out it says "F*** You" across the screen... yet its rated suitable for all ages?)


I think it is wrong that you said the submission was suitable for all audiences! The phrase "FUCK YOU" at the end of the flash in my opinion is only suitable for 16+......and to tell the truth I did shit myself haha.


It doesn't really bother me that something like this gets on NG. It started off pretty good, but the screaming part was really predictable. I mean it doesn't even scare me anymore when people put this in a flash.