Reviews for "The Boy and his Dragon"

That was bad

I can now see why this made turd of the week. It made no sence whatsoever and the end was complete bullshit. Make somthing better next time ok.

well i'll be F*&^(*

these things always make me laugh keep up the good work

Fucking great!

I love you and I want to have your babies... Serious Business.

nice try

holy crap was that funny! I'd have been sacred if i wasn't so doped up on smack.

At first, i thought it was autobiography, the part where there was a boy with no friends, then that dragon comes along "FUCK YOU"


i thank you for you turd of the week, for i shall be recieving many a whistle points

This is amazingly...

one of the worse things I've seen today. The sound was horrid. The graphics weren't very good. Finally, there was no plot or story. Try again.