Reviews for "The Boy and his Dragon"

This is so awsome ...

... one of the greatest flashs

Haha, funniest thing on newgrounds.

Geez, scared the shit out of my sister

LOL @ everyone who reveiwed this.

Thank you for this turd of the week for i will be receiving many whistle points and many chuckles at the hateful remarks left by the reveiwers.

I really dont have a problem with these flashes, In fact i like them. They are good for having a nice scare to get away the hiccups (sp?) or e-mailing friends for a laugh.

TY again.

Not good at all.

All i liked was the music. I was good. The ending made me realize that I wasted time that could have been spent on a GOOD movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't Wanna Be Horrible But...

What The Fuck Just Happened? Why Bother Making Something If It's Gunna Suck As Much As This? Okay so drawings wernt too bad, but the flickering was anoying and it was all in all boring. The end was crap and didnt make me jump at all (it would have made me fit if i was prone to it though... things like this are crap and pointless) my 5 year old neice was stood next to me watching as it played and instead of jumping she simply looked at me weird and said "this is rubbish... turn it down."... now if a child thinks it sucks then it sucks mate. As the reviewer before me said... next time make something better. And by the way... you might wanna sort the border out and if u wanna make people jump don't leave them with a blank screen for so long... it might have worked better if it had just jumped straioght to the dragon!