Reviews for "The Boy and his Dragon"

Ready to get the shite scared out of you!

I think its why it got turd of the week because it scared people. Well i shat myself and still loved especially when my mate scared the shite out of his little sister with it. Great submission!

What the heck!

Ok nice try! I laugh some seconds so its not very good. Try again!


you could of had a good story, you could of been front page, instead, you do this, why?(starts to cry) WHY?!!?!?!?!!?!?!!? please, tell me why you hate us, those where great graphics, you could of make a story, and you would make a goth smile, good god, your, YOUR A MONSTER!!!


DUDE! that scared the crap out of me, because i had the volume up high and wasnt expecting that.

That made me hate it, and laugh.

That both made me want to blam it and give it a five. Congrads on turd of the week.