Reviews for "The Boy and his Dragon"

Turd of the week WTF!!

This got turd of the week, Holy crap the worlds gone mad. Brilliant flash, Sent it to most of my friends aalong with "ulimate showdown". They all said that they liked the dragon one best. So WTF is with you people, those long boring flash movies is what you like, huh, well guess what. MOST PEOPLE DONT HAVE THE TIME, WE HAVE LIVES!!. This was a great flash for a good laugh. ;p


dat was kinda kool and weird
made me laugh a bit
i liked it but u couldve taken that fuck u part
Was it me or the dragon had beard?!

The Boy and WHAT?

Good thing I read the reviews first before watching this. And sure I was surprised about that part...

Quite a scare it is. Hope you expect a lot of ill comments in this message board and also for the Turd of the Week you've received

Good graphics anyway(except the end part)


This flash is a perfection of the OMFG LOUD ASS NOISE technique attempted by many, because it is HILLARIOUS. The loud noise is retarded, and so is the drawing of the dragon, which if it wasn't bad enough standing alone, it moves in a retarded manner.


this is the greatest flash on newgrounds! it looked like a sincere, emotional, story. then...
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! shit that was wonderful! i hope i can become half as great a flash artist as you.
it only got turd of the week because they take the surprise personaly and cant take a joke. nomatter what they say, this should be #1 on newgrounds!