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Reviews for "Dr Mortales: "Sometimes""

Very good

im gonna check your latest submission now. hopefully it will be as good as this one, at least.
i basically agree with the previous lad, although i find the lack of voices during the movie interesting and rite. it gives this flash a touch of mistery and, the voice at the end, makes it more special.
thanks for it.


Despite the somewhat grisly subject matter, this is such a remarkably warm and (in a way) old-fashioned submission - it is a joy to watch it. The sound effects were what made it great, and the smooth graphical style. The editing was really nice as well. The only thing I would ask for would be a voice instead of intertitles (you had the voice at the end, so why did you not record it for those lines?), and slightly better drawing in places (it was mostly very good, but the thumb on the paper at the beginning, for example, was a bit off).

It reminded me of such Newgrounds flashes as "Nim's Winter Tale" (check it out if you haven't seen it), and it really is very different from most of the things on this website. If I were to venture a guess, I'd say that you're probably older than the vast majority of users on this website, just based on the style of your animation and the attention to detail. Most people are not nearly as good on their first animation, as you may have noticed. :P

One thing I was a bit confused about - the ending. How did it relate to the animation?

Overall, I'm eagerly looking forward to more nice things from you. This flash is going into the favourites box, and into my Top 10 for this month's voting. :)

drmortales responds:

Thanks for such wonderful words, and thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I will definitely have in mind those things you said.
Yes, I am 34 and old-school if you will, kind of grownup for being my first animation, but hey it's never too late...
Thanks again, I'm drawing episode #2 now check back in around June 2006.


Very lovely work, I was on edge the entire time. Waiting on pins and such for the next one. I love your style man, keep it up.

drmortales responds:

Thanks, Sacrath, comment very much appreciated!

Simply fantastic

its not everyday that you see something as beautiful as this, the animation, all hand drawn was awesome and the sound was great. Man that was fantastic, i salute you and wish to many more fantastic animations

drmortales responds:

Thanks much for your words! I'm drawing episode #2 now

Oh men... you´re nuts!

Simply great!
Nice end!