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Reviews for "Squirrel Escape"

good game

that was a very fun game. a bit frustrating at times, but i always enjoy a game that offers a good challenge, and this one did just that. all levels were pretty good. some were more difficult than others, but i still managed to beat them all.

Yippee, squirrels

It's a great game, but it's so damn hard to land those platforms sometimes, and harder with the enemies. But I suppose that's what makes a game great, BEING DIFFICULT. You get bonus points for using cuddly things, congrats.

Cute and Interesting!

I am reviewing it a 10 on interactivity, because the creature can move, jump, collect keys, open doors, and collect coins. I am also reviewing it a 10 on graphics, because it contains cute objects, and good background. Finally, I reviewed it a 10 on style, because it contains good animation. I think that is the best game I have ever played! Keep up the good work!


Interesting, very interesting...

pretty fun

i liked the game
kept me interested till the end.
overall 7
altho im not sure what happened at the end
didnt make sense.