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Reviews for "Squirrel Escape"

crap stering

Graphic is not bad, but sterring is terribl. how to jump

Mateusz-Skutnik responds:

arrow keys, as it says on the first location of the game...

this is near impossible

i say that due to the demonic jumping on this game, it freezes and is all dodgy. this was a good effort but the jumping ruined the experience for me... sorry...


Alright.... that was... weird. Besides the fact that the game is very slow half the time (waiting for certain beams to be a certain way), there was alot of glitches in the jumping and landing. For example. sometimes it didnt jump (which sucked at crucial times) and then after the jump it would plumet down. Also, when I landed on a platform, it didnt hold me and I fell to my doom. The game was awkward and I'm not really sure what the Matrix refrence had to do with any of it. Maybe its soo deeply metaphorical that my puny mind cannot comprehend its awsome powers. Or maybe, u just wanted to make a weird game, whatever suits you best =P

Continue to make more, but improve on the pace will ya? (A little story wouldnt hurt either =/)

Mateusz-Skutnik responds:

no, there is no metaphorical sense in this game, how could there be? :|
The matrix ending was just something to make your eyebrows go up. no deeper hidden meaning. And yes - I've improved my platform engine, but I'm working on submachine2 right now, the platforms must wait till their turn.

Great Game

Great flash with a unexpected ending.
I gave sound a 5 because there wasn't that much of it but it was very good.


it was alright but i would have found it more interesting if you made those things that make you lose points with a little biting motion and maybe a "grrr" sound :D