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Reviews for "Squirrel Escape"

Good but...

It was good but for constructive criticism I didn't like the control very much, the squirrel fell too fast, like just by small amount. Plus even a quick tap on your keyboard can make him fall off those small ledges so you should make it a little less sensitive. Good game overall though


Actually if you'll go to ebaumsworldsucks then you'll see that all he does it take things and stick them on his website plus the stupid marking thing. So the last person saying it's stolen has no valid reason to be saying so, especially from Ebaum's World.

On a related topic: I liked the game to some extent, rather cute.


your game has been stolen by eric baumen and is on ebaumsworld . com

anyway good game and nice sound fx ^_^

great game with glitches...

this game was awsome but it had glitches and parts needed tuning. first and formost the physics sucked. when jumping you could stop moving on a dime. plus when you started your downward arch you droped like a stone. this really throws your timing off and the fact that at times you would fall thru the ground didn't help at all. also the edge of the platforms were different on each side. you could walk out all the way on the right side but on the left you fall off to soon. it was also a little lacking in sound. for ideas ummmmm...power-ups, a way to lose, more itmes then just keys and doors, and that's all i can think of right now. good luck with your next project and i'm looking forward to seeing more flash done by you.

Mateusz-Skutnik responds:

you'll see it today.
and not a platformer with this particular engine.
I lately re-wrote my platform engine (the previous one, the one you're playing now was created like two years ago), just don't have time to create a new game that uses it. But all the glitches from that old one are gone. At least I hope so.


You clearly know what you're doing when it comes to platformers, I haven't seen a good one like this in a long time. I liked how getting hit or dying didn't make you lose but it lowered your score. I would have never gotten through without that. The level designs were simple but fit the purpose, but I really hated how those hamster/evil squirrel thingies could get you multiple times. I must have lost 1000 points to those bastards.