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Reviews for "Armor Games Snowball"


i got a score of 1337!! hahahahahaha. im not kidding!! lol!!


As soon as you start make your ball go over to the left as much as posible roll down and down and down....if something such as a house/tree gets in the way make your ball go over to the left MORE then it should bounce away pretty fast, enough to doge the object

To Owner: Fun Ass Game Man Keep It Up-Armor Games Are there for when im bored!!

Simple But Addictive

I thought this game was rather simple but some of the best things are. I scored you average on most things and gave you an overrall 10 for the reason of it being simple but rather fun at the same time.
Why average, the graphics and style were simple and there was no real sound, The ineractivity was minimal and it was not violent or funny.

As I said simple game but very entertaining GOOD WORK!!



Awesome game.

Its fun and addicting. It's one of those games you don't want to stop playing.