Reviews for "Illusion [prev] - F-777"

I love this.

To be honest, I had kind of gotten bored of alot of your music, since I'm not a huge fan of dance, but this really caught my attention. I like breakbeat alot, and this song is great. Love the combination of the strings and synths.

Well it sure seems to me that you've changed.

This song seems to go all over the place, and it's absolutely insane. Sounds great, but it seems as though you lost your sense of structure in this one. It starts of very powerfully, though the drum stutter seemed to happen too soon. There's a lot of variety in this, so that's good, however they don't seem to blend in well with eachother (an example would be at 1:10). Also the fact that there's no real melody until 1:23, which still is kind of cut short, implying that it's of no importance.

Maybe that's just the genre, I don't know, but that's how I feel about this song. Still can't wait for your next track, and hopefully it will be more in control.


Another song to slam at me, simply re-explaing to me why your my favorite. ^-^ Keep up the work!


oh man you should add more to this, this it so cool reminds me off a pendulum song a little

cool song

I did not like the synth at 0:56 cuz it was the attck was splaty. Im sure you meant to do it, I just didnt like it. besides that it was really cool.