Reviews for "Illusion [prev] - F-777"


I'm just getting started with FL9 and listening to this makes me think that I still have alot to learn, but Im concentrated on something more similar to Hardstyle, but I like doing Trance too. Well man, keep the good work. 10 for you.


like i know you, you will make 3 other song with only this song ><'
i like the beat remind me a bit of linkin park only fan can understand T_T' ><'
lol by the way END THIS SONG !!!
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toughest critic on the block.

between the bass, the leads, and the heavily progressive percussion, the mix gets confusing. my advice is to drop the leads completely. this would result in a nice electro-house-breakbeat feel, which could work very nicely.

another reason you should drop the leads would be for mixing purposes. you have plenty of well-planned percussion in the high mids, which is simply being owned by the leads. if you let those percussive sounds peak at about -10 db and empower the bass a bit, dropping the lead would clear the air for plenty of smaller synth FX, and you could enhance the half-glitching style you have already.

also, don't be afraid to use subkicks. the HH is fine, and the snare needs a limiter, probably a +3 boost. for that particular snare, don't be afraid to kill most of the attack (because of the sample). this is gonna leave more room still for your bass to breathe.

by doing all of this (primarily just destroying the leads) you can seriously play around with some portamento on the bass/sliding FX. + the glitching = a nice, organic experience.

i'd even highcut the bass a bit to let the kick breathe. the kick shouldn't be compressed in the lows OR low midtones. let the kick peak at a calm -4db (don't use a limiter on it, trust me), but make sure it's really owning below 300Hz, alright?

i can tell you're going for drummy-drums, so throw in a ride obviously. that will help. layer it on the kicks for maximum power of the kit.

i agree with a lot of your glitching ideas and your song structure, so that's all good.

[[[If you're wondering, I AM a very seasoned producer. I very recently changed my identity (no i'm not telling you who i was before). I'm also VERY interested in collabs (FL 9 FTW). I have compression/EQing/mixing skills through the ROOF, but my composition skills lack a little bit.

although i have no songs uploaded yet, I can mix in the following genres:

harder trance
even harder trance
general DnB


PLEASE message me dude :) and finish this damn song.

its good to be different

An extremely unusual song and that is what makes it awesome. Its catchy as hell and hits you with a unique style that cannot be defined by a simple "breakbeat". Its so much more than that.

Don't change man. Just keep on truckin. Or should I say, DO change, because every time you seem to switch it up it is for the good.

Ed from down under

Mate i just had to drop a lead and say fuck u have improved this is nice catchy way breakbeat should be i mean its got rythme its always changing but yet staying the same well done :D