Reviews for "Yun - Love, Honey(Let it Thru)"

oh so nice

smooth like butter my friend, every beat you dish out is cookie cutter,

so nice, so well done, pro, beautiful make a grown man cry the way you mix'em

Rip Dilla

keeping my faith in people out there making choons
may i ask where the frigarettes sample is from?

YunVeroz responds:

that's off this weird record called "Commercials in a Plain Brown Wrapper" by Jean-Jacques Perrey


love the vocals and strings, lots of good soul on this. 5/5, 10, favd. why the fuck is this scored so low

sick stuff brother

chilled out vibe. heaps funny ending.

i'm putting together an album soon. i've pretty much changed my style to something alot more natural. so the whole album will be straight aussie hip hop. i'll send you some tracks when they're done.

let me know whenever you get a fresh new beat up man!

- P.

fuckin' yes!

Some fuckin' soulful shit right here. Smooth as hell, love the vibe on this one. Can't wait till the full version comes out. The conversation at the end was a little weird but it was still funny. Btw I dropped a track on a collab you did with WS, curious what you think about it.
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