Reviews for "Yun - Love, Honey(Let it Thru)"


That's all I hear is JDilla.

Great work on this one, my dude. For real. Damn...

Another great easy listening.

Man fuck Afrojonez... im sure hes one of those type who listen to Lil wayne or T-pain and is the whole fucking reason the music industry is fucking garbage, cause dumb ass kids have to make the most untalented, unoriginal, and just all around fucking terrible music the top on the charts. Leaving good and original shit to be unnoticed.

Sound like I may give too much credit

But as a beat maker myself. I say u can do ur own album if u keep it up. Reminds me of the Avalanches. U should here them sometime


One of my favorites I've ever heard on newgrounds. This is the kinda shit I aspire to make one day man. Keep it up.

Ill man.

Seriously man you got this Nujabes, Force of Nature thing goen on, with your own personal style to it. And its actually quite beauitful. Your beats are so chill, smooth and well done.

Cant wait to pump these in the summer over a bbq, feel free to stop by lol.

Keep it up bro.