Reviews for "-Timeless Mountains-"

bu bu waa bu bu bu bu be bu ba bu bu waa :)

Happy tone+Waterflame=5stars
Cool to hear you are now doing commisions!
One thing but im assuming im a retard. Its not very fun to listen to but if its the beackround of a game it would be perfect. :)
....I just thought of it though now that A guy paid you 100 bucks (win) to mak this anyone on newgrounds can download it and use it for their projects??
I am excited that you have been pumping out the music lately... and I hope that the swine flu doesnt kill you :)
Wow this is a long reveiw

Waterflame responds:

Hehe, thank you! well backround music issnt offending lol, its a compliment! when music can set a mood, its good music :D
Yes, i got payed, but i also did another loop for him not featured here. also, it was custom made after his orders, and will possibly be used comercially. he has the full right to now, anyways. if the project pepole use my music for is commercial and they do not pay me, its not legal, according to the creative common licence. :)

however yes, all you other pepole may use this for your _free_ projects ;)
If adds are used, im entiteled to a share. but NG allready have a system for that.
anyways, thanks for the review!

Sounds great

This is a great loop. I just have to say that if I needed some music for a game, and I was willing to pay, I'd come to you.

Waterflame responds:

Hehe, thank you! :D great to hear :)


I love those horn sounds-no idea what they are, but they sound awesome.
cute loop.
AND SICK! UR DOING COMMISSIONS! great way to pull yourself out of that financial hellhole.
unfortunately, i have no money to "rent" your talents. If i did, i'd ask for them every new project i made. lots of sci-fi stuff for you.

Waterflame responds:

Thanks man :D yeah, this you hear here is actually a recent comission :)
awesome ^-^ its a french horn and a trombone together. :) ive always been for rent, to be honest. not just to this extent, and officially ^-^


happy happy loop! I love strings and birds (1:03) in this. It sounds like KaW from ITG !
4/5 =)

Waterflame responds:

Thank you! ^-^ check out the original :D my previous submition, "Time machine" =)