Reviews for "A Koopa's Revenge"


This is the most amazing game ever!!


Goood on u. this has brought credit to the fact that...

koopas revenge..

hey! great animation dude!! i havn't watched it yet, but i think you all are just waiting to hear my opinion. i think koopas revenge is a reflection of our everyday lives. we all haft to overcome hardships like mario beating the shit out of us, being bossed around by bowser and nobody gives us any creds for appearing in almost every mario game so far, i mean we dont even get paid. stand tall young man, stand tall. great animation

Lambtaco responds:

Thanks for raising the review average. You've basically explained the reason I made this game. And standing tall shouldn't be too hard considering I'm 6'5" (I think that's how you write it, I'm metric). So I'll take your advice.

Nice game!

This game was the best Mario game ver! As soon as I got used to the controls, in one day, I went from Bowser's Castle Section 2 to Mario's Castle Section 1! No wet floors(When you slip into an endless-pit, lava, spikes, etc.), What better game would you want? The only reason I stopped playing the REAL mario games were because... this game was way better, and the wet floors pissed me off. But you should put Luigi as the 2nd boss. He was kinda easy... Nice game anyway! Hope you make a sequel!

Lambtaco responds:

Thanks for the review. I think maybe I'll just give Luigi more hits or something. Moving him would take a lot of work.

Help im stuck!! :(

help! i luvvvvv dis game, a koopas revenge is gggrrrr888! :p lol. its jus i crnt gt past da bt wif da blood river n da 2 fireball fings on da 1st level in da middle just afta da flagpole :( cn sum1 help me n tell me hw 2 gt past it? fnx! lol