Reviews for "A Koopa's Revenge"


Amazing game, been playing it for hours, the last level has me stumped though- once you've killed the hands, what do you do!!!

Lambtaco responds:

When his body pops out and rolls at you jump on it. After five hits it should be dead and you'll win.

Obsessively Good -- But Too Hard

I finished it, because I always finish games, but it was frustratingly hard in places. In some levels you don't leave a pixel's width for innacuracy! Maybe the game was designed for seasoned Mario players, but even so, no Mario game was ever as hard as that desert level with the spikes.

Great game!

Lambtaco responds:

Thanks for the review. I found Mario's Castle 1 to be more difficult than the second desert level myself.

I love you

You clearly put ALOT of time into this!!!!!

for it is pure PWNAGE!!!!

its like I actually went out and bought a mario game...I mean, I can save and everything....so I can keep coming back when I feel like it....and eventually beat it.......im not very far yet....but youve kept it fun and interesting....def a 10/10

That was..AWESOME!!!

Man that was so fun I played it for hours!!!! Keep it up! Your on your way to newgrounds heaven!!!

Awsome Game! I finally beat it!

Yah but.. where was bowser? Oh dang, I should've waited until the end of the credits shouldn't I? Dang. Oh well. Mario actually took me less time to beat than the boss endurence level. But he was still pretty hard, what with the bomb-oms and all. Anywho, Great Game! Undeniably the best game on Newgrounds. Definatly. I have not played a game that was this good. This game should be ona console or arcade machine or something.

Lambtaco responds:

Thamks for the review. You really like this game.

P.S. Let the credits run long enough and you'll get a special treat.