Reviews for "A Koopa's Revenge"

what was the engine

The best game ever

Lambtaco responds:

I appreciate the sentiment.

It is a awesome game from my side but there is a one problem I wish super secret level was here in the newsground level since this game runs perfectly fine in newsground but when I play at the lambta.co website the game lag alot otherwise it is a perfect game I love the levels,bosses and music and I dont mind bad collision detection keep up! the good work and I am hopeful you will add super secret level in newsground too

Lambtaco responds:

Flash is finicky like that. I'm going to rerelease the game as A Koopa's Revenge Gold. It will have better graphics and collisions etc. I can put the super secret level on Newgrounds as well when I do that.

I voted low only because of a few things-
1. There is blood/gore. You should at least put a warning at the Menu screen, for little children.
2. The jumps are.. just.. nope. *Runs off cliff*
3. Ctrl to run? It's sorta far from the other keys that you need to play, and it makes it harder to play..
4. Almost naked with no powerups? ... Just no..
But games do take awhile to make, and I like the music. Awesome job :)
Things I do like-
1. The music :D
2. The powerups/and the looks after you collect a powerup.
And a few other things. Thanks for making this ;3

Lambtaco responds:

The almost naked thing comes directly from a Nintendo game, so I'll forward them your complaint. ;) Thanks for reviewing.

Awesome game! Also, very good for a 2006 flash game.
Mario's Castle first level took me like five tries before i completed it...

Anyways, i actually knew this game since i was much younger, but i didn't complete it because it was too hard for me.

Along with the Mario Boss, i didn't know how to defeat him until he died randomly after surviving most of his attacks.
(Does he die by surviving all of his attacks or hitting that giant mushroom he throws at you?)

Lambtaco responds:

That mushroom is actually the body of the robot. If you look in the background you can see it pop off before that attack. You defeat him by jumping on the body.