Reviews for "A Koopa's Revenge"

Good progressive game

It didn't hold my interest, but it was a very original idea. Even comes with unique, custom sprites.

you are awsooooommmmme! make a sequal.

I just finished it. bowser is nowhere. i liked that. it was so hard but when I beat it I was so amazed! get the sequal here so I can hve another helping of your goodness

Greatest game on the net! Make a sequel!

The greatest game on the net! It is like a real Mario game! Please make a sequel! The music is remixes of classic Mario music and there is that FF boss music... great!!

it gots a save

it gots a save and i bate it i like 2 be a flying koopa cos its fun u got 2 make more cos u got a 10 4 dis one yo and u can save it and it will not fopr get a bot u yaya but it needed more work but still fun 2 play


i loved this game it rocks,and i never got bored im still playing this after a month its mario style yet a lot differint.
i hope you reply to this....how do you unlock the secrect stages?ARE THERE ANY AT ALL cuz after beating the game i counted the stages and i got 16 like you said but no secrect stages.....but the instructions said there were some!please clear this up.
P.S.i hope you make a sequle.more power ups and enemys(not yoshis)plus some stages themed after sonic(sonic boss)