Reviews for "A Koopa's Revenge"

Amazing game

This game is amazing, i just have one problem...I can't figure out how to beat luigi, me and my friend must have hit him 1000 times but he never dies? is this a glitch or is there something im missing? please tell me!

Lambtaco responds:

Are you jumping on his head or using firebreath. Luigi must be killed by jumping on his head, Peach is the only boss vulnerable to fire.

'Bout time somebody made a game like this!

I'm a BIG Koopa fan, and I've always wanted a chance to get back at the Mario Bros.! Every time I playe a SMB game, I've always hit the least amount of Koopas I could! That'll teach Mario to stop giving those adorable turtles concussions! Great game!

Great Game!

It was a great game! It's origonal in it's own ways, it's mario, it's a koopa, and I LOVED the music too! Keep it up.

Good progressive game

It didn't hold my interest, but it was a very original idea. Even comes with unique, custom sprites.

you are awsooooommmmme! make a sequal.

I just finished it. bowser is nowhere. i liked that. it was so hard but when I beat it I was so amazed! get the sequal here so I can hve another helping of your goodness