Reviews for "A Koopa's Revenge"


This is a great flash, just don't make it so the character dies so easily. Otherwise it is great!

Lambtaco responds:

Well, the point of the game is to be difficult. Mario game fans have everything down to a science and they need new challenges. Thanks for calling it great.


Next time try and make it so you don't die so easily because I jumped past the mario and i died!

Lambtaco responds:

In a way the point of this game was to be hard. Mario defeats Koopas so easily that I imagine it'd be hard for a koopa to take his revenge. Plus the controls are difficult at first but once you've mastered them it's quite easy to manouver. In retrospect I guess I should have made a practice area.

Yeah well

I didn't get through the levels the graphics were too bad especially the jumping. Its a good idea though try and make a better more stable version

Lambtaco responds:

Graphics aren't exactly high on my priority list when making a game. To be fair I did most of the programming for this months ago and it's really not up to par my current abilities. I have plans to do a sequel, maybe a year or two down the line, which will include far superior programming and new graphics.


Koopa's Revenge Ya baby ill get my revenge finaly nice game keep it up