Reviews for "A Koopa's Revenge"


I liked this it was really fun hope to see more games like this soon

A Mario Classic!

This game is awesome!!! Keep up the good work!


i gave it a 4. the controls were a bit tricky and some gaps were hard to jump through. if you improved on those htough it would be great!


it's kewl i like mario games but the controls are too hard to get used to and it takes me too long to remember what button to push. maybe if it was easier to move and do stuff it would be better

Lambtaco responds:

If you think it's hard now, wait until you get to World 5:1.


This is a great flash, just don't make it so the character dies so easily. Otherwise it is great!

Lambtaco responds:

Well, the point of the game is to be difficult. Mario game fans have everything down to a science and they need new challenges. Thanks for calling it great.