Reviews for "Purplenum: Training"

what AS did u use?

just wondering what was the action script code you used in it :)

mooseisloose responds:

I cant just give away AS, especially not in a review, my msn is genderbender27@hotmail.co.uk or my AIM name is Theme27 or e-mail me at joe@mooseisloose.co.uk and i will gladly discuss stuffs with you

simple goodness

Well done, a simple clean game that will surely be more challenging in its full version. Good stuff. Looking forward to it.

mooseisloose responds:

Thank you, it sure will be more challenging, there will be many improvements, there's no way I could leave the final thing like this :p

Great Game!

I looove this game! Hopefully this won't get blammed by other reviewers... I'm wishin'!...

mooseisloose responds:

Thanks, I'm liking the scores you gave, it may seem simple to some, but it took me a fairly long time to do just those few training levels.

I hope to see more!

This looks like a very good game, hopefully it isn't blammed and we can all play more! =D

mooseisloose responds:

Even if it is blammed you will see more, I'm not giving up now, I rarely stay on a project this long, because it's kinda fun that I'm learning while I make

for the guy thats 4 posts below me

you can use names all you want as long as they wheren't made up by the artist like for instence i could make a flash called sonic about a horse that can fly and not get in trouble

P.S. I Dought the guy will be reading about this anyways because he posted like over 2 years ago but eh what the heck

P.S.S. the game was great my only problem was it was too easy