Reviews for "SW: SCA:J.E.T -Trailer"


Ya see, normally, I blam trailers without even looking at them. But this one, though a trailer, I loved! I still agree that trailers have no use on Newgrounds, but this could have been a movie! When the flash is out, (if it comes out) I can almost garantee that it will totally OWN!! This is probably the first trailer that I actually liked and this is probably the ONLY trailer that I ever will like. <3.

VERY nice

though you forgot Ludo Kressh, Naga shadow and Lord Kaan from the sithlords that almost destroyed the republic.

p.s: Don't blame yourself. I have dedicated my life for Starwars and i know the name of every important character there is.

Xennethy responds:

yea, i know them very well as you do... but not many pple know them, thats y i only include those more well known ones.. glad u like it. :)


"the charismatic count dooku" that made me chuckle ^o^

very nice! i liked the character designs and the made windu voice actor did well - however, the anakin one was quite poor...he sounded too timid (but he did helluva lot better than that ponce who played anakin in the films!) and quiet. Nice to see someone using exar kun (pronounced Eggs-are-koon) in their flash.

Overall, very good! A nice trailer and i can't wait for the series. Well done.


looks pretty cool

i liked the style of the movie and the characters were pretty cool too.

Sweet review

I can't beleive you are doing a third Sith confrontation. I will say I am exited about it. This trailor was pretty neat. character bios and a wanted poster (BTW I say let him live, but thats just because Im a huge Kit Fisto Fan). That being said...keep up the great work