Reviews for "SW: SCA:J.E.T -Trailer"

Kit to Live

Great stuff

That was cool

The sound was awesome.
The graphics were simplish but effective.
The ending bit with the underground style music when Mace Windu and the other Jedi were on the Clone carrier was a funny little extra.

yawn yawn...wtf! sweet

yeah it was kinda boring at first, but pretty much b/c we all know the story. But i gotta hand it to ya, the ending was sweet, i just wish their were more of it. i loved the green dude jammin out near the end. the only thing i gotta say is the title of it was a bit confusing the whole sw:sca:j.e.t. thing, thats a mouthful, phew


Get low huh?


The character design and the drawings are good and the whole movie looks very professional, but the animation isn't really great, its choppy.
the voiceactors are pretty good but the sound quality is kinda crappy sometimes.

Overall: I don't like this trailer so much but I am looking forward to "the real thing"


Xennethy responds:

I agree the animation looks alittle choppy on some scenes, i will try to im prove them. As for the sounds, i cant do much. :)