Reviews for "SW: SCA:J.E.T -Trailer"

Sweet review

I can't beleive you are doing a third Sith confrontation. I will say I am exited about it. This trailor was pretty neat. character bios and a wanted poster (BTW I say let him live, but thats just because Im a huge Kit Fisto Fan). That being said...keep up the great work


this was unexpected... besides the trailer you also added short profiles of jedi masters and sith lords from various times, and I LOVE IT. I'm a huge star wars fan and I'd like to ask you to add a few more profiles like : jedi master yoda, jedi master qui-gon jinn, jedi master obi-wan kenobi, jedi master shaak ti, jedi master plo koon, ashoka tano (anakin skywalker's temporary apprentice in The Clone Wars movie), general grievous, starkiller (darth vader's secret apprentice), etc.

PS. kit fisto should live

Epic trailer

The character designs and overall animation was amazing really,the voice acting was also great and the story looks really interesting as well,excellent job and looks great.


"no no it's not its the jedi in action"



It's a really good trailer and I'm loving your work.