Reviews for "SW: SCA:J.E.T -Trailer"


awesome, btw i watched the credits andthe secrets i want kit fisto to stay alive!!! the character profiles were good to WELL DONE

OMG LOL! Definently worth a five!

oh man, that was good Xen! that was so good, the ending was hilariuos, damn its great to have u on the team! Great Job man and Keep it up!

Xennethy responds:

Whahahahahahaha... lol

Good Job Man

Good Job Man

That was cool

The sound was awesome.
The graphics were simplish but effective.
The ending bit with the underground style music when Mace Windu and the other Jedi were on the Clone carrier was a funny little extra.

not again...

Not bad animation, and even good voice acting, but I have to say that I'm sick of it already.. this all g-di crap.
I've never even like this series...
I think that this movie is made just for good votes and nothing more. I’ve voted 4, because it was nice done, not because I LOVE sw.
Tray to create movie like other artist on ng, not pop culture vomit....

Xennethy responds:

yea, thanks alot. Im afraid those pple who hated Starwars wont know how to appreciate. ANyway, im a huge SW fan, thats y im doing SW flash... And i believed whoever is doing SW flash mus be realli in luv with Star Wars.