Reviews for "SW: SCA:J.E.T -Trailer"


The character design and the drawings are good and the whole movie looks very professional, but the animation isn't really great, its choppy.
the voiceactors are pretty good but the sound quality is kinda crappy sometimes.

Overall: I don't like this trailer so much but I am looking forward to "the real thing"


Xennethy responds:

I agree the animation looks alittle choppy on some scenes, i will try to im prove them. As for the sounds, i cant do much. :)

Not Bad

Pretty Good trailer, Nice descriptions and goodies and the end :)


I'm looking forward to seeing this. I liked the original (thought it was better than the fight in the movie) and this one looks even better. Would it be nitpicky to point out that most of the Sith Lords' names were mispronounced? Cuz they were. But otherwise: sweet.

Xennethy responds:

It doesn't really matters if they're mis-pronouced, cuz most of us doesn't really know how to pronouce them. :)

nice job or something

hey so good job... and for taht thing were u see if that one green guy lives or not. i say let him live.


You know, you're supposed to submit trailers to NG Alphas. However, because of the immense quality and awesomeness of this trailer, I'll make an exception! The Jedi Elite Team reminds me a bit of the A-team. And I'm glad that you know your SW. Lots of people don't know all about the Star Wars expanded universe series, and when they make SW cartoons...all canon continuity is thrown out of the window. ^_^

Xennethy responds:

I do have a trailer submitted to the Alphas. But as u can see, this trailer does not only include scenes from the movie. Therefore it can be a standalone movie, rather than only a trailer.