Reviews for "SW: SCA:J.E.T -Trailer"


well yeah it was preety neat.the biggest reason i liked it because it looked like a south park type thing.I can't wait till it cames out.

ps:let kit live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xennethy responds:

Oh man... everyone is saying it looks like South park.. does it?? haha, im not a southpark fan myself actually...
but anyway, glad u like it.


What Happened!!!??? P.s It's So Bad It's funny


its like Star Wars meets South Park, well kinda. looks great, i cant wait for the whole thing to come out! lol and that end was hilarious!

Get Low!

VERY nice

though you forgot Ludo Kressh, Naga shadow and Lord Kaan from the sithlords that almost destroyed the republic.

p.s: Don't blame yourself. I have dedicated my life for Starwars and i know the name of every important character there is.

Xennethy responds:

yea, i know them very well as you do... but not many pple know them, thats y i only include those more well known ones.. glad u like it. :)

Bless you

After a couple days of terrible, terrible submissions, this is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Truly a masterpiece; I eagerly await what's to come next.

Xennethy responds:

Yeah, thanks, the main movie will be really more better than what u seen in the trailer. :)