Reviews for "SW: SCA:J.E.T -Trailer"


Get low huh?

yawn yawn...wtf! sweet

yeah it was kinda boring at first, but pretty much b/c we all know the story. But i gotta hand it to ya, the ending was sweet, i just wish their were more of it. i loved the green dude jammin out near the end. the only thing i gotta say is the title of it was a bit confusing the whole sw:sca:j.e.t. thing, thats a mouthful, phew


Tha was both entertaining and funny. The end was more than I expected. But seriously, you gotta keep Kit Fisto alive. He is the heart of the SW universe.

Impressive...most impressive

A fine star wars tribute, cant wait to see the fight! Let him live! pleaseeeeeeee! Lol kit rocks!

Long live Fisto!!!

Let him live! Let him live!
Oh, and ummm...good flash.