Reviews for "SW: SCA:J.E.T -Trailer"

Kit = Alive!

Yeah.... Loved the flash, nice Samual L Jackson impression by the person who did that... that was great.... and I vote for Kit making it out... I mean from the expended Universe we see that Obi Wan actualy considers Kit a rival to his own style with a lightsaber and there is the fact that Fisto is on the Jedi Councel....... Lucas just didnt want anyone besides Windu in the fight I think......

Oh oh oh! here's an idea, Windu vs Sidious and Fisto vs Skywalker.... Imagine..... lol, that might be awesome. Anyway, nice flash, maybe for the movie you could have a bit better quality recordings of the voices. good luck man..

Xennethy responds:

ah, yes... Im currently changing the scripts to make it more 'exciting'. From the number of votes, it seemed kit will make it this time, but who knows? Whether he'll survive this time, u'll hav to wait till the final movie is released. :)

10 because its star wars

But its great! Plus I would like to see a number of endings:
Everyone surviving
Palpatine getting pwned

And so many more

You sir, are a flash god!

Xennethy responds:

Thanks, im glad you liked it. The ending you hope for most probably wont happen. But anyway, i can guarantee the ending will be different from the movie.

I wish I could vote a 10...

Because this deserved this. Im suprised I havent writtena review yet... but you know me I always get sidetracked :P

Anyways, this was truly a great movie. The opening was very dramatic, and I loved how you referenced teh expanded universe. I now this doesn't really matter, but Exar Kun= Eggs ar-Koon, Darth Revan= Daarth REvun, Lord Sion= Lord Seye ON, and thats all I feel like pointing out. Sorry, but I felt that was necessary. Now, for teh review!
Graphics: Very cleanly drawn, and looks a bit like chibi clone wars. The animation was a bit choppy sometimes, but that is just your style.
Style: Full marks on this, as I am a gigantic star wars fan myself. I even made myself create a whole starwars website... I dropped it after a day :P Man I need to keep on track when I do things...
Sound: Great voice acting by the others... but mine was horrible, as it was my first and my microphone sucks.... And I liked how you used Battle of The Heroes, it fit in well. For a dramatic trailer though or some dramatic scenes try "The Immolation Scene"... trust me I know the ROTS soundtrack :P
Violence: Star Wars, lightsabers, force lightning, who could ask for more?
Interactivity: Full marks for the in-depth character plot to explain it to those unfamiliar in the expanded universe.
Humor: Last scene says it all ^_-
Overall: This was a truly brilliant flash, and deserves every single review to give you full marks, and be longer than this.

Until later,

Xennethy responds:

Thanks, LT, i admit the animation is a little choppy sometimes, but im trying to improve as much as i can in the mian movie. This trailer is done kinda rush, so some parts may not look that gd, especially the final scene, its rushed out within a couple of hours. Anyway, glad u guys like it. Look forward to the final product, i promise it'll be good.

looks pretty cool

i liked the style of the movie and the characters were pretty cool too.


"the charismatic count dooku" that made me chuckle ^o^

very nice! i liked the character designs and the made windu voice actor did well - however, the anakin one was quite poor...he sounded too timid (but he did helluva lot better than that ponce who played anakin in the films!) and quiet. Nice to see someone using exar kun (pronounced Eggs-are-koon) in their flash.

Overall, very good! A nice trailer and i can't wait for the series. Well done.