Reviews for "SW: SCA:J.E.T -Trailer"

This movie is hte best there can be for Star Wars!

This movie is the coolest i have ever reveiwed this thing is so funny You should make one called the secret lives of Jedi.

go kit!!!

i want kit alive!!!
he realy rocks!
i cant wait before the real movie is here.

( but general grievous to!)
oh, and i hope you make another movie about general grievous.


that was good.
I WANT KIT FISTO ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE NAUTOLANS DESERVE BETTER THAN TO DIE AFTER 15 SECONDS OR SOMETHING! (which is substantially longer than Agen Kolar or Saisee Tiin in the movie. Go KIT!)

Finally, some expanded universe of starwars

It was really great, but the voice werent so good.Anyway are you gonna make flash of Kotor and another expanded universe?

I like it.

I love to see the real movie. Can you please make a real flash of the teaser? I'll be waiting for an response

Xennethy responds:

Thanks. The remake is originally planned to be finished on March, but due to various reasons, it had to be delayed till May. So hopefully you guys can see it here on NG around mid-May.