Reviews for "SW: SCA:J.E.T -Trailer"


nice but the characters look kinda south parky

Xennethy responds:

Does it?? haha, u shld look at the original movie, it does look resemble South park... But this time, i redesign the characters, shld look different


Wait for the end you'll be glad you did. TO THE WINDOW

Too funny..... can't wait.

ROfll, I can't wait till the series comes out. I love that trailer very much.

Keep up the good work.


That was a pretty good trailer. Wasn't expecting it to end like that either. I wanna see the actually finished product now.


Ya see, normally, I blam trailers without even looking at them. But this one, though a trailer, I loved! I still agree that trailers have no use on Newgrounds, but this could have been a movie! When the flash is out, (if it comes out) I can almost garantee that it will totally OWN!! This is probably the first trailer that I actually liked and this is probably the ONLY trailer that I ever will like. <3.